Value Proposition Canvas



TD-Index: 5 Levels Of Digital Transformation Maturity

The Diamond Map - Digital Maturity Quotient


Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy - Plan To Action

Fundamental Questions?

Strategy - Dx


  • Why do we need to transform
  • Who can validate and who can we involve
  • Who can give knowledge and Solution & Skills
  • What needs to be connected
  • Who can connect what


  • What are long terms & Short term Objectives
  • What we need first, knowledge
  • What solution and skills
  • What needs to be connected


  • Who can help us gather insights and advise
  • How do we bring informers together
  • Who does what & Who take lead ( RACI)
  • Have we involved right “ External parties”
  • Who can bring building blocks of solution
  • Who can sign on Strategy, Means and KPI

Vision To Action

TrueDigital Consultative Life Cycle


  • Gathering Insights through Interviews and Interactions
  • Scope Detailing
  • Solution design and high level architecture
  • Solution Design Low level Architecture
  • Project plan and Delivery Model & locations for delivery
  • RACI Chart
  • Resource & Logistics planning
  • Migration, Transition and Transformation plan from AS-IS to TO- BE Architecture
  • Cutover and Monitoring with Managed Services

TrueDigital Transformation For Insurance company

Theme For Engagement For insurance Company

High Level Requirement Mapping With Solutions

RACI Matrix

Implementation Plan

Pricing 3 Months POC

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